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6 Sweet Survival Tips for Super Sensitive Souls.

My sister sent me this morning, and it resonated deeply. It’s funny because all the tips are things that I do, naturally. 

Anonymous asked: Your style is so cute and it looks simple yet comfortable. What are some outfits for school and for a lazy day or just to do errands?? :)

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever felt unmotivated to go to school? Right now I'm going to school for accounting and criminal justice but I have already missed 3 of my accounting classes. I don't like it and the class is hard. I feel that if I don't enjoy the class that I should just drop it but I don't want to disappoint my family. I am torn between keeping the class so that I am not a quitter and not disappoint my family, and dropping it because I do not like it and I don't enjoy it...

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Anonymous asked: I know you talk about having a relationship with god & praying. Have you were felt the presence of god? There's times I feel it so strong I can't describe it but i feel it & I just start crying because it's beautiful. It's an amazing feeling & I feel the warmth, his love. Also my husband recently deployed, I have been praying more it keeps me sane. I have always been religious & gone to church but since I moved I've stopped going. Sometimes I feel like I'm letting him down when If i don't go.

(These two ask’s seem to go together so I’m going to answer them in one)

How do you feel about going to chruch every sunday? Sometimes I feel bad for not going, but then I don’t believe that you don’t have to go to church every sunday to have a close relationship with god.

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Anonymous asked: I have a green jacket similar to yours. If I wear it with a dress what kind of shoes do you think it would go good with. Now that the weather is in the 70's

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Anonymous asked: How did you make your website?

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any advice for a married couple who is having trouble with communication? It's causing some occasional bad fights.

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"Remind yourself that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.”
— (via im-simply-me)
"She did not need much, wanted very little. A kind word, sincerity, fresh air, clean water, a garden, kisses, books to read, sheltering arms, a cozy bed, and to love and be loved in return.”
— Starra Neely Blade  (via thatkindofwoman)
Anonymous asked: Happy birthday and congrats on the big news! Have you two thought about if you want to find out the gender of your precious bundle or wait till the baby is born?

Thank you, thank you. ❤ We are definitely going to find out before he/she arrives. :)

Anonymous asked: Happy birthday! Here's to many many more ♥

Thank you thank you ❤

Anonymous asked: Happy birthday!! I was just scrolling through your page and saw your news! It's so weird but as soon as I saw I was so happy I cried! Haha. I've only spoken to you once in private asks but I've followed this account for a good year or so now but I feel connected to you already, it's crazy. You have such a beautiful soul and you and your husband are so adorable, I can only imagine what a perfect future God has in store for you two. I feel blessed just to witness it!! Stay gold, Jessica.

Oh wow! That’s so amazing! Thank you so much for following along! I really can’t express how much I appreciate your encouragement, and kindness. It really does mean the world. Thank you so, so much, again. ❤